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    Question 13inch MBP: Is my battery defective?
    OK, so the Apple advertised battery time is 7 hours. I understand these are generally high-ball estimates, however independent reviews from cnet and other laptop mags have placed it at 6 hours if not higher while running music, the internet, video, etc.

    I just did a full charge, let it go down to 0, and repeat. My results battery lasted 4 hours and 20 minutes. I had Firefox open with a few tabs, Adium, Evernote, Microsoft Word, and iTunes. I had my iTunes constantly playing at slightly over 50% volume (connected to headphones) the entire time. I browsed the internet for maybe 15 minutes and chatted on Adium for another 15. I would call this LIGHT usage. No games, no video, nothing out of the ordinary.

    Is there something wrong with my battery? I expected 5 if not 6 hours!

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    I was at the Apple store today and overheard someone with the same problem with a 13 inch MBP. They were told 4-6 hours with general use, which includes surfing the web, wireless, low screen brightness, low keyboard brightness and no BT. I can tell you that I get only 4-6 hours on my MBP 15" models. I did have to replace the battery on one unit as I was only getting 2 hours with light use. I believe the usage you described is a bit taxing on the battery and heavier than you think. Four to five hours is probably all you will get....sorry.

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    I'm probably OK with it as long as it's not out of the ordinary.

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    What conditions were the 7 hours based on? Try replicating the conditions and then measuring time.

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