I have had my mac book pro for about one year and one month right now and just yesterday i turned on my mac, everything was fine.. went to go turn it off and then walked away from the computer for a few minutes.. when i came back to the computer i thought my computer was off, i was in a rush to get somewhere so i just left my house.

A few hours later i came back to my computer and i noticed that it never officially turned off, it was still in 'shutting down mode' since it never turned off, i took out the battery and left it out for a few seconds and then put it back in. i turned on my computer, everything was fine and then went to go use the internet. i had (and always had great wifi service) in my house and this time the internet wasnt working. i wasn't sure if it was just safari acting weird so i also tried firefox...both did not work.

however,this time the computer did shut off in a few minutes like it usually does.

does anyone know why my computer never turned off after a few hours or why my internet isnt working? if anyone can help that would be wonderful.

thanks so much,