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    Post New PowerBooks stacked up against Power Mac G5s

    New PowerBooks stacked up against Power Mac G5s
    September 22, 2003 - 00:42 EDT Bare Feats has published a performance comparison between the recently introduced PowerBooks and Power Mac G5s. "Steve Jobs asserts that laptops will soon replace desktops. I assert that 'heavy lifting' will continue to be done by desktops, especially ones with dual processors," reports the site. "The PowerBooks lag significantly behind the newest desktops. If you need a 'professional grade' computer that can get things done in a hurry, you better hope the PowerBook isn't your only computer."

    My Comments: Very interesting.. but it's kind of expected isnt it?

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    I don't know about that G5 1.6 being slower than G4.. I suppose the G5 having so much to go through, it needs higher mhz to really take advantage over it. Waitng for the 3ghz G5

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