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    power adapters
    Hi, i have a powerbook g4 12" (12 inch superdrive M9691LL/A).
    My power adapter fried the other day, and looking for a new one i can only find the 65W M8943LL/A, according to the specs on the manual, i should use the 45W version.

    is it ok to use the 65W, or will it damage my powerbook?
    the 65W is the only one available in the applestore.

    i would appreciate any help on this.

    tks, Pablo

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    Apple's Technical Specifications [Link] for your 12" PowerBook has the power adapter at 45W.

    Since both the Technical Specifications and your Manual say to use the 45W version it's best to use that. And since the Apple Online Store doesn't seem to have the 45W version for the iBook/PowerBook for some reason, your going to have to go into one of the Apple Stores and ask in-person.

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