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    incase hardshell for 13" macbook pro
    does anyone have the incase hardshell? Because in the description it says it has an "Exterior rubberized soft-touch coating" and I was wondering if the outside of the case shows scratches. responses would be awesome :]

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    I've been using one now for about a year. The outside of the case does have a rubberized feel to it and no, it does not show scratches or for that matter, dirt.
    That's the up side.

    The downside is that once the case is in place it's rather hard to remove. Unless you're careful, you can damage the case or even scratch the surface of your MBP when removing it. I've removed mine now several times in order to add memory and swap a hard drive. The first time removing it was a real challenge. Second time was much easier.

    All in all, I like it and it does offer good protection for the machine without sacrificing looks or cooling.


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