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    MacBook not seeing remote external HD
    I have a MacBook 5.2 running Mac OS X Version 10.5.7. I am running a wireless network Air Port Extreme router Version 7.4.2. I have connected a 1 TB Western Digital 10EAVS External hard drive and a printer to the Air Port Extreme router via a USB 2 hub. My MacBook sees and I am able to utilize the printer, but the Western Digital 1 TB External drive does not show up. I can see the 1 TB External drive via the Air Port Application setup, but it is not showing up on my desktop or in Utilities/Disk Utilities. I have connected the External drive directly to the USB port on my MacBook, and the drive showed up on my desktop instantly. I partitioned the External drive into two partitions and ran Time Machine which successfully backed up my MacBook. I then disconnected the External hard drive from my MacBook and reconnected it to another USB port in the hub connected to the Air Port Extreme. Once again, my MacBook does not see the External hard drive. I can see the External hard drive via the Air Port Extreme application right down to the two individual partitions. I even removed the USB hub and plugged the External hard drive directly into the Air Port Extreme router, but my MacBook still did not see the hard drive. Does anyone have any insight what settings might need to be changed on my MacBook to allow it to connect to the External hard drive while it is plugged into the Air Port Extreme wireless router?

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    I am running into nearly exactly the same issue. I ran into this problem when my Seagate external HD kept getting dropped offline, generally when I was transferring date, more specifically updating ipods with music as I keep all my music available to my wireless network at the house. My Airport Extreme is able to see my Seagate briefly before it gets kicked offline, so I bought a Western Digital HD. I have never been able to get my Extreme to indicate the WD drives are available on the network although if I plug them directly into any of my laptops they show right away.

    I am using the USB ports, but the drives use different outbound connections, one with a mini-usb and one with that square'ish outbound connection.

    Please help!

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    Are these network drives, or just straight forward external HD's?
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    Just to clarify as well (old post I know), in your AEBS, do you have File Sharing Enabled?

    Using AirPort Utility you can verify this by selecting you router, going to the 'Disks' option and clicking on 'File Sharing'.

    This should be selected if you want the disks to show up as volumes on your network.

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