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    May 03, 2009
    ibook g4 won't go past startup screen
    I recently swapped out a logic board and top case, but i'm not sure if it's the other hardware causing the ibook not to start the os or if it's the os itself.

    i make it to the apple with the spinning wheel of doom and then nothing, the superdrive spins the os disk when i try to boot directly from disk, but it never loads.

    note: the logic board came from an ibook that had what looked to be an older model modem and larger top case wires than the one that was currently in it, i'm guess it was an older model.

    will i have to put in the cd-rom drive and deal without a cd-rw? or is it probably software related?

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    Hold down the shift key as the computer boots for safe mode and see if it works. It's probably having issues because of a hardware difference.
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    May 03, 2009
    holding down shift
    i tried this to no avail, still hangs on startup

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    I had similar problem. try connecting with another apple via firewire, it should show up your hard drive in the working mac then go into your hard drive/applications/disk utility/repair disk. My mate said he had to do this about 5 times but he got it up and running again.

    Good Luck

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