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    Transfer from broke Ibook to old Ibook

    I have a Ibook G4 that I love. I had it in the garage the other week while cutting some metal.....I know bad idea. I was using it to control my itunes over airport. Anyway, I ended up breaking the screen, I bought a used Ibook off ebay to replace mine. I had Leopard and other software installed on mine. The one I bought off ebay has Tiger. Can I load EVERYTHING from my old one to the new one...."I don't want to break any laws" I bought my old Ibook with leopard pre-installed,so no cd. I have a brand new 24"Imac with the leopard CD, I know I cant use that.

    What can I do?

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    I would think that you could have just replaced the screen. But since you didn't you could always swap hard drives or clone your old one to the new one. The grey OEM install discs, such as the one that came with your iMac, only work on one machine, and since you say it's "brand new" it's also for a different CPU architecture.
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    If you have a FireWire cable, and an external monitor, you can download a program called "SuperDuper" onto your old iBook, and clone your hard drive to your new one. IIRC, you have to start the new one in target disk mode before starting the cloning process, but besides that, SuperDuper should be easy enough to figure out.
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