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    Hard Drive User Upgradable?

    So in a few of my other posts, I've mentioned I am going to purchase a MacBook pro either tomorrow or early next week.

    I have another question before my purchase though, I have heard that the hard drives are user replaceable, is this true?

    If this is the case, can I use any hard drive? I'm looking on newegg, and there are some good deals on drives, like a WD 320gb 7200 SATA 3gb/s 3.5" drive.

    I'm assuming Mac's take SATA 3gb/s 3.5" drives, right?

    I would love to just go to the store and order everything in person so I do no have to wait for processing and shipping time, and the only thing I want to do is upgrade the HD.

    Is the process as simple as in a Windows machine? Just swap the other one in?


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    MacBook Pros, like all laptops, take 2.5" drives.

    They are user upgradable on current models. Instructions are in the manual.

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    Ah yes, that would make more sense.

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