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    I think I already know the answer to this, but my optical drive on my 13"MacBook (OSX 10.4) is shot, and as an alternative I have been using an external drive (USB 2.0) that I inherited from my dad who no longer had a use for it. I was considering upgrading up OSX 10.5, however based on what I have read, I don't think that an installation from a USB drive is possible; only firewire. Anyone have any recomendations on how this can be bypassed, or am I stuck with 10.4??

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    Any mountable drive can install the OS

    The firewire thing you are talking about is booting from a disk, Intel Macs can boot from USB2, while PPC macs can only boot from Firewire.

    But you can mount the disk running 10.4 and start the installer from the external
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