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    apparent battery problems
    hey everyone

    i'm enjoying a new 13in mbp that i bought recently, but i have some concerns about the advertises that the battery will last a full 7 hrs on one charge, but whenever i hover my mouse over the battery icon (full), it will only say something like 4:36 remaining or 5:30 remaining. not 7. i just charged it, and at 94% battery life, my mbp tells me that it has 2:44 remaining.

    is this to be expected? i find that it usually outlasts these numbers, so i'm assuming the computer just takes a while to be able to properly analyze and report an accurate battery reading. is this anything to be concerned about? has anyone else been having these problems?


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    Your macbook gives you an estimate based on how you use the computer. If you use it with battery length in mind, you will see that time stay the same for quite a while.

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