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    What's it worth?
    Hi all,

    Thinking of selling a G4 Powerbook with 800Mhz, 512RAM, 40gb hard drive and Final Cut Pro 4.5. It's in good working and cosmetic condition apart from the plastic base separating slightly from the body on one of the corners.
    What d'you think would be a fair price for it?

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    69 that thing from the prehistoric age?

    i might give it $300 becuase of final cut pro. i really dont know much about powerbooks but theres my two cents.
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    It's worth around $260.00, less if there's cosmetic damage to it.

    The Mac2Sell guide to used Macs - second-hand Mac worth
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    Worth Every Penny! Great Machine

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    Jul 06, 2009
    G4 OS 10 800 MHZ
    Thanks, very helpful to know what the old macasaurus is worth. It does a great job but the proceeds can go towards a MBP!
    The link to that site is great, can see what any kind of used mac setup is worth/would cost. Cheers

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