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    Jul 07, 2009
    Last Gen late model MBP or new MBP?
    Hey guys. I'm new here and looking to get my first mac

    I'm stuck in a bind. I'm looking at refurbished MBPs to get the most out of my money and I need a good laptop for school plus I'm a DJ so it would be used for both applications. I've always been a PC/Linux guy but always had a soft spot for Mac here's the issue

    The refurbished MBP I wanted is no longer available and now I'm stuck.

    They sort of have the one I want but it has the glossy screen and not the anti-glare screen I want.

    So it's down to this.


    The only thing I don't like about the new one is the non-removable battery. While the charge life isn't what I'm worried about I know I've been in the situation where I forgot to charge it and I'm nowhere near able to charge my laptop sufficiently. So it's nice to have a replaceable battery so I can swap one out for the other when I forget to charge.

    What was the battery life on the last gen MBP like?

    So here's what it's down to, both refurbed

    Last Gen late model MBP 17
    -I like the design of the older one
    -Has the removable battery
    -Almost similar performance as the new one

    -Keyboard is flimsy compared to new one
    -Don't know how much more of an improvement the battery life is
    -Glossy screen

    New MBP 17
    -More powerful
    -Battery life?
    -Anti-glare screen

    -I like the older design better
    -Internal battery

    What say you guys?

    Or should I just get the faster 15 inch one?

    Your help = AWESOME!

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    Jun 13, 2008
    MBP 2.4g, 2GB, 200G, 15.4
    If your interested, I am selling a 15 in. previous model thats 2.4ghz and 2gb of ram with a 200gb hard drive and its mint.. pm me if your interested and i can get you some pics

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    Jul 07, 2009
    Thanks man but I'm lookin at 17s.

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    Jul 07, 2009

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    Jul 07, 2009
    can I get another bump...

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    Nov 15, 2006
    San Francisco, CA
    I voted for the newer design. I use the previous design in the 15inch at work and the new unibody at home. The unibody is much nicer imho. Ultimately nobody can tell you which is best for you, its only you that can figure that out. The battery is a non-issue really w/a 7hour run. And IDK about you but I would not want to be lugging around a extra battery or two, they add lots of weight to your bag. Good Luck!

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