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    2.8GHZ with 512mb vs. 2.66GHZ with 256mb?
    ok, so probably just over a month ago my MacBook Pro (late 2008 Model) was stolen (I know, I know. Cars are generally a bad place to leave your laptop). Anyway, more to the point, I'm getting $1800 in Insurance and I can get another 1500-1600 quite easily (Full Time Training at my new job is paying quite well).
    So my problem is...Is the 2.8GHZ 15" MacBook Pro worth it over the 2.66GHZ 15" MacBook Pro. I can see the gain in having the additional 256mb of Video RAM but to be honest, I don't need the 500GB of storage and I'm not entirely convinved about the additional like 200MHZ...Is it worth it?
    I get an Edu. Discount and I'm from Australia.
    I was quite happy with my old MacBook Pro, which was the old $3000 model with 2.53GHZ and 2GB RAM, etc, with the 256MB Gphx Card. But I'm not bothered spending the extra money if I'm gonna see a noticeable effect.

    Thoughts please!
    My options:
    Configure - Apple Store (Australia)
    Configure - Apple Store (Australia)

    It's a shame they didn't have the better Graphics card in the slightly lower 15" model. They really aren't fantastic at giving a midrange at Apple but I guess that's always gonna be the chritisism no matter what they do.


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    well what are u going to be doing with the laptop?
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    It depends on your usage, really. If you run heavy programs that suck your RAM and processor out, then you definitely need the 2.8GHz. If you want my opinion, I suggest you buy the 2.6GHz if you're just a normal computer user as you won't really see much of a difference unless you run the kind of programs I am telling you about. Use the extra money for anything else, and if you want them to be for computer-related things, then buy yourself some good software that can come in handy - like iLife and iWork.
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