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    Documents folder disappeared
    Hello everyone,

    I need some help. My girlfriend just called me, in tears, because her documents folder disappeared out of nowhere on her MacBook. All of her college works are there, including one that is due tomorrow.
    She says she didn't move the folder, nor delete anything, it was there yesterday, and gone today when she turned on the computer.
    Searching for it, as well as for specific documents does not throw any results. The recent documents listings on Vector, Word and PowerPoint are blank as well.
    Does anyone have any idea as to what may have happened? and better still, how to fix it?

    Thank you all!

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    Ask her if she tried to change the name of her Home folder (i.e. the folder that has her user name on it). Also, did she access her documents via an icon in the Dock and is that icon now missing, or did she access it through the Finder where she would click on Documents on the left hand pane and it is no longer there (or the files are no longer inside that folder).

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    accidentally moved docs folder from finder window?
    I clicked my docs folder to open it and I must have swept the trackpad or something, because the folder disappeared and I cannot find my docs folder anywhere! I really need to find that folder, as it has 3 years work in it..... does anyone have any idea if it's around somewhere and simply hidden - or should I head for the bridge now to jump off????

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