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    Restart and 3 Beeps - What Gives?
    Hi, all- I think I've done my due diligence and searched the forum, but couldn't find this problem, at least as I have it.

    I have a 15" MBP running OS X 10.5.7. When I go under the apple symbol and attempt to restart, I get a grey screen and 3 loud beeps and a pulsing light in front, which repeat themselves. Consequently, I have to power down by pressing the power button. When I power up again, it seems to come up fine, and everything seems to work. It is only the restart function that is giving me problems. Most 3-beep problems I have seen have to do with installing new memory, which I have not done. I also reset SMC, and this didn't do anything. It seems to me that that this problem began after I downloaded some recent updates, one of which was an SMC Firmware update, but I don't know if there is any correlation.

    Any thoughts? Thanks very much in advance.


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    G'day Todd and welcome to the forums.

    Three beeps indicates either one of:-

    No RAM installed.

    Defective RAM. Installed any new modules?

    Loose RAM. Replaced modules or undone clips?

    RAM slot failure.

    Have a look at this link:-

    macbook makes beeping sound and wont start -

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    Thanks, Harry. Well, I haven't any new RAM or touched or modified existing. So, I'm thinking the RAM might need to be reseated. But as I'm on travel I don't have the right tools. I'll have to go look for some.



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    Hi Todd, would you please share your results after reseating your RAM? coz I am having the exact same problem you mentioned.

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