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    Just Bought New Internal HD and Trying to Use CCC
    I just recently had bought a new Seagate 500gb 7200 HD. I have it already installed in the enclosure and hooked up to my computer via firewire 800 and already have Carbon Copy Cloner installed and working as well. When I go to use CCC the drive doesn't show up. I guess that means I have to format first right?

    In the device manager window that comes up when you choose to initalize, I chose the drive and then I went to partition and then did the drop down to 1 partition. Then under options, you can choose a partition scheme, so I read all 3 options. The default selection is "Apple Partition Map" but it seems like I should choose the first one listed which is "GUID partition Table".

    Which one am I supposed to go with?

    Also is there any other things I have to select or do after that to clone the drive?

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    You will want GUID.
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    Thanks for the info and I was able to clone it.

    Also after I completed the clone I then attempted to do the boot from the external enclosure and I held the option key until the choice came up to choose between drives. I chose the external and it booted up fine, but it doesn't show that you have booted up the external it was like it booted up from the internal still. I mean I'm saying this because I did "Apple I" on the HD Icon and it showed the internal info. But wait I guess that's right, correct? I mean it booted up fine and I'm writing this reply now.....

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    Look at the icons on the desk top the drive u boot from is usually at the top of the list.

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