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    New Macbook Pro, 2009 Temperature Question
    Just got the new Macbook Pro 2009 13". While running certain games, the temperature got up to 94 or so Celsius according to iStat pro, which is significantly hotter than my Late 2008 13" Macbook, which never ran over 79 degrees. Should I be worried, or is the temperature discrepancy due to the difference processor? Thanks!

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    That temperature seems high to me. Are you also monitoring the fan speeds? They should be ramping up to where they're probably getting a bit loud. There are quite a few posts about the same subject in several of the popular Mac forums. You might want to do a search and read through some of them. It seems the new MBP models run hotter than the previous ones.

    You might want to think about using your new MBP on a notebook stand to maximize cooling by allowing air to flow under the machine. A stand also gives some protection against spills.


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    To build on chscag's advice, what kind of surface are you running your MBP on? Is your MBP running anything else why you are running the game?

    I agree - 94 is very high. I only ever see my MB get to the low 80s and that is when I am doing something resource intensive like encode video.
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