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    Powerbook G4 - Laggy/chopy youtube videos
    Hi there, my powerbook is really laggy when i watch youtube videos? Surely the PoweBook G4 can handle youtube videos

    Tried Firefox and Safari both render the same quality.

    Any answers would be brilliant

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    What kind of specs does your PowerBook possess? Flash is heavy in terms of system resources. Here are the system requirements (v10). Now, just because you meet them doesn't mean that video will run perfectly.
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    Unfortunately, forget about watching any online video's from here on out with the G4's .. I have iBook 1.33ghz and can not watch hulu, youtube, or most other video sites. that have streaming with flash .. it will peg cpu usage and shows very poorly .. I can't even play online poker through Zynga.. If some one else has some optimization tips for Tiger .. and G4's I am definitely willing to try.
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    all depends on your processor and the flash player that you have installed that best thing whould be to check for updates for the flash player and also upgrade your ram or you can try a different web broswer

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    What are the specs on your G4? I have noticed the last few updates to Quicktime, Flash, Etc have slowed things way down especially on older Macs playing videos on You Tube.

    Please give us your specs.

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