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    Best way to swap a hard drive from old Macbook to new
    I currently have a mid-2007 13" white Macbook that has the Tiger OS. I'm thinking of purchasing a new 13" Macbook Pro. My white Macbook has a 320gb hard drive that I would want to put into my new 13" Macbook Pro. What's the best way of doing this?

    Do I upgrade my white Macbook with the new install discs and then downgrade the new Macbook Pro with my old install discs? Or can I just immediately swap the hard drives and format from there?

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    You can just swap both hard drives out. Put the 320Gb into the new MBP and put the stock MBP hard drive into the old MB.

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    That's probably not a good idea - everything will be setup for your old MB on your old HD which could cause serious headaches when you move it to a different machine (not to mention that it would be running Tiger). You would be better to transfer the files.

    If you wanted, buy an external enclosure, put your new MBP HD in it, format it, transfer your files to it, install Leopard on your old HD (you have to do this with the HD in your new MBP or the restore discs won't work) and then transfer the files back. This way, you get your old HD, a fresh install of Leopard and all your files, along with an external HD for backups.
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