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    Connecting Macbook Unibody to CRT TV without Converter Box
    I bought my macbook unibody in April 2009 and recently decided that i wanted to hook it up to my old CRT television i have in my room to watch movies etc

    I bought a mini DisplayPort to VGA adaptor and then a VGA -> S-video or RCA cable. After connecting it to my tv from my laptop i couldn't get it to display the picture - it was a black screen that was slightly fuzzy and i could hear it trying to mirror the image from the macbook - so i fiddled with all the resolutions and refresh rates but nothing worked.

    Now... i have done a bit of research and some people have said that the mini DisplayPort is digital and therefore trying to connect it to my crt tv is not possible no matter how many cables you buy because it is analog. Others have said that it is possible but didn't actually give a solution.

    The only solution i could come across was to buy a convertor box that allows you to connect the mini DisplayPort -> VGA then VGA -> VGA then VGA -> convertor box and finally convertor box -> Crt Tv but that seems like a **** of a lot of trouble.

    Is there not a way to do this WITHOUT a convertor box and obviously without buying a new TV?

    Thanks in advance

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    The reason that some say it is possible is because they're thinking rationally and have not tried to do it.

    The ones that have tried, know that it does not work. I have also not seen a plausible explanation of why it will work thru VGA but not any other analog.

    At this time there is only a single work around to get a signal from your mini displayport to S-Video or composite that I have found, and with reports from those that have gotten it to work. And it does require a converter box. I have not seen a single post from anyone that has been able to get it to work without the converter box.

    Check this thread - down at post 30 - I have a couple of links there and the poster below that has a link to a youtube video showing how to do it. The video does have a different brand converter than the one I've linked to at newegg. That one at newegg for $40 is about the cheapest one I found.

    So, no there's not. But the converter is much cheaper than a new TV.
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    Okay thanks a lot for your reply bobtomay! Makes me wonder why apple even provide mini DisplayPort to VGA if it can't be done properly!

    Cheers again! Looks like i'll be buying a convertor box

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