I have had Powerbooks for years, and recently have developed my first problem with the hinges on a 1.67 GHZ Aluminum 15". The screen has a "ticking" or "clicking" sound when moved and seems to have a lot of play in it. In other words, it moves more than it should. I cannot see any damage to the hinges on visual inspection.

I have questions I hope you can help me answer!

1. Are the Aluminum Powerbooks known for having hinge problems? I thought I had always read that it was the early Titaniums that had the hinge issue.
My computer is a 1.67 GHZ, I believe the last series they made the Powerbook in.

2. Do the symptoms I describe above sound like I need a hinge replacement or a hinge "tightening"??

3. Can anyone recommend a shop I could send it to to have the problem fixed at a REASONABLE price? (I'm on a tight budget) I appreciate any recommendations.

4. Can you tell me how much you paid to have your hinge issue fixed?

Other than the hinge issue, I love the computer. Thanks for your help!