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    Macbook Pro 15" 2.5ghz
    extreemly high full charge capacity
    So my fiance's Powerbook will only last on battery for a few min before it goes into sleep. At first I thought the battery was just bad. However I looked in system profiler and found that the full charge capacity is 64811 (mAh). Now I know that is not right because my MacBook pro is only ~5000 mAh. I just tried the PMU reset and didn't work. Oh yeah and if I let it sit in standby after it shuts down it takes around 2 days to finally shut off completely. Any ideas? Battery shot? need a reset?

    Here is what it says in the Battery Info:

    Full charge capacity: 64811
    remaining charge: 718 (charging right now normally gets to about 4-5k mAh I think)
    amperage: 0
    voltage 11481
    cycle count: 129

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    erm a 11481 volt battery with 0 amps that basicly static electrisity...

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    Macbook Pro 15" 2.5ghz
    there can't be any amperage if it is not using the battery. It was charging at the time.

    anyone have any ideas? I was watching it later and the remaining charge went up to 4500 mAh before I unplugged it because I am pretty sure the max charge is supposed to be 4400 mAh

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    Powerbook full charge capacty 62Ah!!
    Quite the same problem here.

    Also my girlfriends Powerbook has the same battery problem.
    The full charge capacty is about 62822 mAh (62 Ah = the battery size of a car starter battery)
    I guess there has been a bad contact in the past and the laptop has been charging and charging till, meter kept on running till this crazy amount.

    Every compleet cycle it makes it goes down a little bit. (about 300 mAh/cycle)
    But it will mean that the value will be right in about 150 cycles...
    But my house works on a few solar pannels, so this is no joke...

    I have Googled around and done the PMU reset and also tried:
    command-option-p-r (reset PRAM) and
    command-option-o-f; reset-nvram; set-default; reset-all

    Also cleaned the battery contacts.

    The Ah memory chip is probably in the battery its self.
    And it does not get reset by the remedies above.

    Since this battery is not very good anymore i think about opening it. Disconnect the battery from the chip for some time and by that reset the chip.

    Any other solutions?
    I am open...


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