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Thread: Macbook Pro 15' Power/Battery Issues

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    Macbook Pro 15' Power/Battery Issues
    I know this is a common subject but i was wondering if someone could help.

    So my battery is old and needed to be replaced. The other night my computer fell off my bed and started having issues. The hardrive boots fine but the computer dies after a few minutes of use. After it dies, i reattempt to boot, it works for a few seconds and then goes black. When it goes black, it makes the same sounds as if the battery was depleted. Recently the battery was not functioning correctly. The computer would not go to sleep with a very low battery it would just die. The same thing/sound happens now when the computer is starting to boot.

    Shouldnt the computer function with just the electric plug? It isnt right now.

    Do you all think its a battery issue or just a general power supply issue? The fact that it booted ok and then went black makes me think its just a battery issue. Any ideas? All help is appreciated.

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    Sounds like something is seriously messed up power wise - suggest taking it into a store as I can imagine it's going to need to get opened up to be repaired.

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