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    Just Upgraded My HDD MBP 13 - SuperDuper IS Super!
    I had a Seagate Momentus 320GB 5400rpm HDD hanging around doing nothing.

    So I thought oh well I might as well pop it into my new MBP whilst I wait for the 500GB 7200rpm to come down in price here in the UK.

    SuperDuper - was just that - it copied my entire 160GB HDD over to my new 320GB HDD in just under an hour. Coming from Windows using the usual apps like Acronis this was like a breath of fresh air.

    The install was very easy too, taking just 10 mins.

    BTW - The drive is silent, much quieter than the Hitachi 160GB that came with it. Speed is around the same, they are very similarly spec'd in that dept.

    So overall a pleasant procedure, I will definitely get the 7200rpm version though.

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    glad this worked out well. I hope I have good luck like you when it comes time for me to upgrade.

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