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    Ejecting Install Disc?
    Hey Guys, i made another post about this same macbook but it was another error, what happened was my friend turned her macbook onto recive the flashing folder and question mark icon, i replaced the hard drive and now when i boot it up while holding in C it ejects the disc she gave me that came with it, they are grey discs the first one says on it:

    Mac OS Version 10.4.6
    AHT Version 3A104
    Disc Version 1.0

    the macbook is a A1181.

    i also tried spraying some compressed air into the drive incase it was dusty and i also tried making a backup incase the original was to scratched all though it looks fine, any help on this would be fantastic.


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    this will happen when the drive is not capable of reading the disc being unsupported or bad laser. you can try another disc drive to confirm the disc is not bad. then you can get a new drive on ebay. i just bought one for mine a superdrive for $79, but a combo drive is cheaper.

    also for future note, most non-aluminum macbooks, if not all, have model number A1181

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