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    HELP!! Downloading files
    Need help with my macbook. when I download a file and go to open it it opens with a Textfile, lots or rubbish writing. How do I set my macbook to open with the correct application and what would that application be. Will it set automatically for what ever type of file I download, any help would be great.

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    What sort of file is it?
    You can highlight the file, go to the menu bar>file> open with>
    then choose the app you want to use.
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    Or do a get info (+I) and, under open with select the app that you want. If you click "Change All" it will open files with that extension with the app you selected by default.

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    The file is a torrent software for my apple iphone. Not sure of the list of options to which im suppose to open the file with

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    I hope your not talking about an illegal torrent. If it's a legal one use Vuze (Azerus), Frost Wire or some other program like these. Just google "torrent client mac".

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