My Macbook Has a few problems. The first is the upper case, the keyboard section; has some cracking around the outside edges above the USB ports. last night I took the upper case off. I've done this before on a friends Macbook in college. I was very careful to make sure I didn't pull at the keyboard ribbon. But, to my surprise I noticed that the ribbon has separated from the front row of pins. I looked at it a bit closer and didn't see any glue or anything. I highly doubt I pulled it off. The last people inside my Macbook was apple about a year or two ago to replace the logic board. Is there any chance to go back and get a replacement? Or in the worst case how much is the ribbon cable? I sure hope it doesn't come as just the whole assembly! It boots up but no other keys seem to work.

BTW, its the Core Duo Black 2GHz Macbook.

I will be away for about a week up at a cottage. So If i do not respond quickly it is because I'll only have access here through my BB.