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    How to combat overheating
    I see a lot of separate threads about overheating, so I know this is an important topic. I used to be able to run games at full blast on my 17" Dell without having to worry if it would overheat and shut itself off. I've had this happen twice with my unibody 15" Macbook Pro and we all know this is not good. The MBP I have now has a much better GPU than the Dell's 7900gs m, so it's more than capable of running these programs and games.

    So this thread should be about ways to be able to play the games and run the software you want without worrying about killing your computer.

    So far, I haven't had a chance to test it out, but I have an antec cooler with a large fan. I'm going to try downloading fan control software and setting the MBP on a stand on the cooler off the side of my computer while it's open and without it's bottom case to see how that does.

    The down side with my setup is the 30" monitor which means it's pushing the GPU for those resolutions.

    Are there other viable options? What about external fans, refridgeration, liquid cooling, etc? They can be crazy options, but it would be nice to hear ideas and see tests on the matter since this seems like such a large issue with our computers.
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    just buy a base that has 4 cooling fans in special zones is cheap and stops the overheating aa and a tip dont put it on beds or couches or zenes like that because it blocs the air for the fans and dont work the same

    P.D. they sell it on circuit city, radioshack, officemax, and office depot.

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