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Thread: G4 LCD Display

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    G4 LCD Display
    Hey, I just purchased an ibook G4 on ebay realy cheap. It was sold to me with a display problem and I thought I might be able to fix it. Sometimes the display will work and sometimes not. It works completely fine with and external monitor.
    Can anyone help me pinpoint the cause of this? Could it possibly be just a loose connection?
    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    It could be either a loose connection on either side .. up in the lcd cover or
    on the system board.. when the lcd does not look like its working is it just the
    backlight? can you see faint images or windows open? could just be the
    connector to the inverter.

    Or it could be a damaged ribbon cable for the display the best place to start
    IMO is the lcd chassis .. this is easier to get to than the logic board.

    it is 4 screws (allen screws) and very carefully with a spuger (I use a credit
    card that has been cut up .. don't need those things any way) go along all
    of the edges to release the back cover. Once that is off you can remove
    the foil tape to view the connector to the lcd itself. Be careful not to put
    any pressure on the top of the lcd .. apparently there are very sensitive
    components in that area.

    If that still gives you no joy ... you may have to tear in to the logic board or
    do further investigation on the lcd or inverter. I definitely would recommend
    iFixit: iPod, iBook, & PowerBook Parts and Accessories this is how I first found out how to tear down the iBooks
    Warning any of this is time consuming and very frustrating .. so be prepaired
    and have patients.. and a lot of time set aside to do this.. Paper to map out
    where your screws go and a good set of jewelers tools help..

    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by csegeek View Post

    and have patients..
    Good Luck
    You mean patience :p

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