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    I'm going on a 6hr flight on Saturday evening, and I will need to take both of my Macbooks with me in my carry-on bag. They're both in hard shell cases and will be in one big messenger bag.

    Now, has anyone ever had any issues traveling with two laptops? I've only ever flown with one of them. I'd just throw the second one in my luggage, but I'm not bringing any

    Also.. do ya think they'll let me leave the hardshell cases on? One of them has the Speck SeeThru in clear on it and the other one has the Speck SeeThru Satin. Last time I flew they banged it around so much I ended up with a large dent in my macbook, so now I bought the Speck cases so it doesn't happen again.

    Thanks guys!

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    I've flown many times with my laptop and security has never given me a problem. Just take them out of the bag and put it separately for the x-ray machine. The case isn't going to be a problem since I kept mine in my sleeve and they didn't care, as long as it was out of my backpack.

    Oh, and never put laptops into checked luggage. They handle those things quite roughly, you wouldn't want to take the chance, regardless of how well you think you may have packed it.

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    I don't think covers make a difference. Unless the case somehow prevents the machine from x-raying your notebook, which isn't possible unless it was made out of lead. >_>"

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    i have put my macbook and my dell latitude(bigger and metal on the top and bottom) in the same small case and have not had a problem. They would get banged around a good bit but i have not done this on a plane. I also thought that they would only allow you to take one laptop with you as carry on. that is what i have been told as i don't fly. also if you do always treat it with care unlike me because there is a possibility of cracking the screen, unless you are up for changing it your self it can be a little pricey.

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    I fly with two laptops two times a week evey week. never had them say anything about it. just put them separately for the x-ray.

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    We went on vacation last year with my family. I was carrying my sisters sony laptop along with my hp laptop because I don't trust them in large luggage. At the x-ray machine, they kept on asking why I needed to have 2 laptops? If it's your sister's, why doesn't she have her own bag? And other really dumb stuff! That's the biggest problem I had. I am using a targus laptop bag that has 3 compartments and they fit perfectly. They also quickly became a chore to carry around though(17"+15"+cables=heavier than usual). If you have a good bag, you are good to go!

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