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    Cool 100Gb Hard Drive into 1.2Ghz 12" iBook :D
    Right, i've had enough of my weedy 30Gb Hard Drive in my 1.2Ghz 12" iBook!

    I wish i'd known how good the iBook was going to be, because i would have ordered it with a 60Gb hard drive and used it as my main computer...

    Well i'm getting a 60Gb iPod Photo next month, and as i can only sync it with one computer, i'm moving my 25Gb music collection to my iBook as well as my 15Gb Photo Collection so the iBook can be the main machine.

    I've just ordered the following from Ebuyer (UK):

    Toshiba MK1031GAS
    70mm x 100mm x 9.5mm

    I know it's a bit of a price jump from the 80Gb prices, but the 20Gb difference is more capacity that i had on the machine when i got it, and if i'm gonna crack it open, i want the most space for my effort.

    Hopefully when i reinstall OSX i'll be able to specify the components a bit better than when it came pre-installed on the iBook.

    As far as i know, no one has published a guide to this, so if i have time (which i have very little of at the moment) i will stick some photos up.

    The 70Gb jump to 100GB will go well with my 1280MB Ram :robot:

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    Let us know how it goes. I am researching 60-80 GB drives right now. I want quiet and cool. I don't care too much about a high RPM.

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    do you mean 72000rpm.....

    edit: sry i didnt think to click the link

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    Is there a specific type of hard drive that is needed, like particular specs, that the iBook requires? I also just got the iBook 12 in and already I must have about 15 gigs left and it will probably run out soon.

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    A 4200rpm drive is real slow, I think its what the stock iBooks have...

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    yes it is 4200rpm

    the specification drive needed for an iBook is:

    9.5mm high or less

    I chose this drive because it's exactly the same as my current 30Gb drive (ie: Toshiba, size, very quiet, low power, high shock tollerance) but in 100Gb instead.

    There is a 5400 but you have three problems with that:

    Higher cost (another 25 quid/$50)
    More heat generated
    More power required

    I have an 4200rpm drive in there, and i'm happy with the data access rate, but more so, i am amazed by how quiet and cool it runs! Much more important to me.

    I need the capacity first, the speed second, and the difference has too may cons to be worth the extra speed.

    Ps. xthisisRomancex - i'd love to see where you get your 72,000 rpm drives from, they must take off, or burn up, or both! But i bet the seek time is amazing! lol

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    Yeah, I am leaning towards 4200 for quietness and coolness too. I looked at specs on many of the drives. The 4200's require slightly less wattage and are slightly quieter. I am happy with the transfer rate on the stock 30 GB. I just need more space for MP3s and to install everything I want. I can get pretty much all my programs that I want on the 30 GB drive, I just have to offload stuff on occasion. (Photos and downloads) I want to have more breathing room. I am kicking myself for not getting the 60 GB version. If I had 40 GB, that would have done the trick. On Buy com I found the 60 GB IBM/Hitachi for $98 shipped. I am ready to pull the trigger. The install looks a bit difficult, so I am holding off on submitting more order.

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    personally if you can't afford the 100GB prices, think about the 80Gb units instead, as like you said it is a bit of effort, so the more you can get for your work the better!!

    i too just need the storage space, not the speed...

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