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    Question is it okay to leave the charger plugged into my computer while using it?

    I just purchased a macbook the other day, and this is the first mac computer that I've ever owned. I have noticed that the battery life isn't super great, and is only about 4 hours. I was just wondering if it is okay to leave the charger plugged into my computer while using it. I just wanted to make sure before I do it so i don't mess anything up.


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    Mine sits at my desk most of the day, plugged in. The only time it comes off external power is when I don't have a plug socket nearby. I get 4-5 hours running lots of minor apps plus photoshop, premiere pro etc.

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    4 hours is a good battery life and within the norm.
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    Four hours is not bad. When ipod and cell phone batteries last for hours and hours, it's easy to forget that laptop batteries are under a lot more stress so they don't last as long.

    You can leave the computer plugged in all the time, it won't affect the battery. But when you are running on battery, you should turn down the screen brightness, turn off Bluetooth etc to save on battery life.

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    If you leave your laptop plugged in all the time your battery will deteriorate negatively.

    I know because I made that mistake on a laptop a while back.

    If you do not use it off the mains the Lith particles will not all be free flowing, the only way you can do this is by actually using them.

    In essence though you should do at least one full discharge of the battery every month.

    Your battery should give the same performance and not deteriorate for a around 2-3 years.

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    Agreed with the posters above - 4 hours with a pre-Unibody Mac is quite standard. There is nothing to worry about there.

    You may want to give this a read.
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