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    Hello all. Sorry if this is a rookie question but I was just wondering what my options are. My 15-inch Macbook Pro was purchased in October 2006 and I also got the 3 year warranty. I have only had a few problems with it.

    A high pitched grinding noise that appears when i open the lid, and only goes when the lid is pushed all the way back. Last about 5 minutes.

    A full battery is lasting about 25 minutes, and takes a good couple of hours to fully recharge.

    My lid is really loose, and creaks all of the time.

    Sometimes when I close the lid, the laptop restarts itself, and can usually result in work being lost.

    My post is just to get some advice on what I should do. Do i send it to be repaired, or are the problems too minor? Is there any way of getting it replaced?

    Thanks for your time, sorry if any vital information is missing.

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    I don't think those are minor problems at all. You bought the extended warranty for a reason so use it!

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    Ok so i rang applecare and got a man with a foreign accent who was unable to pronounce 'C's, or 'L's. He totally avoided the problem about my laptop restarting, and concentrated on my battery problem. He said there was nothing they could do about it, which I have no problem with as I have got a good life out of it. But when I asked him about the restarting problem, and the funny noise, he just told me to go to my nearest apple store. Is this common, or is he just passing the responsibility?

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    Normally I get through to Americans?!
    Anyway, I totally agree that you should go to the Apple store. Book yourself in and get it all checked and then (hopefully) fixed!
    Hope your back running soon.

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    When the hard drive croaked on my iBook a couple years ago (under warranty), I called Apple on Tuesday, had a box from them Wednesday, and had my working computer back Friday. It may have gone this way for me just because there's absolutely no Apple stores within 200 miles of where I live, but it seems like it could potentially be faster to send it to Apple, though I've never had experience going to a store directly. Either way, I would definitely have it fixed. Those are certainly problems worth having fixed under the extended warranty.

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