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    Wink The cover up
    What should I do to completely cover up the fact I spilled water on it so that it will be covered by warranty?

    I read that the motherboards change color when exposed to liquid. Is that true? Is there anyway to open it up carefully to make sure the technician can't tell it was a water spill?

    also I know "get the water out with rice" and all of that, but I am referring to the stains or whatever tells the technician it was a water spill..

    how do I fake it past applecare?

    PS I have the late 2008 unibody 2.4 ghz macbook

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    I don't know if you'll get much help in trying to trick Apple for your mistake.

    I sympathize with your situation (I recently lost my Mac as well) but what you're asking us to do is help you with fraud.

    First, I'd try the 'rice' trick, leaving the laptop powered down the whole time. Let it sit in rice for several days before even attempting to turn it on.
    Once turned on, see if you run into any problems. If you don't, consider yourself very lucky, and try to not spill again.

    If you do run into problems, don't try to cover it up. I'd say own up to your mistake, take it to an Apple Store, be honest with Apple about what happened, where the water dripped. They'll help figure out what could have failed, and see how much it'll cost them to repair it if it isn't working correctly.

    Their techs are very smart and are able to easily identify this type of common damage.

    Additionally, I don't know if there is a way to reverse the moisture sensors, and depending on where the moisture goes, in your attempt to cover it up, you could void your warranty by disassembling sections of the Mac that you weren't supposed to dig into.

    Good luck in your quest for repairs.

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    That is a no go... >_<" they have moister strips so you won't be pulling any fast ones.

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    Ok so I have the replacement moisture sensors.. they are called LSIs by the way...

    So I know about the rice thing...

    BUt the motherboard is suppose to change color .. I'm not asking anyone what I SHOULD do morally or legally. I am asking HOW to cover up spill damage so that it is undetectable to a technician...

    I know there are lots of apple people planted here to give unhelpful answers...

    Any company that equates MLK and Ghandi with a product isn't worth anything special... I have a macbook, I took a **** on it and now I want to cover up the damage...

    How do I do it? What you got people?

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    Unfortunately, abuse of the AppleCare offering such as you have described can have the effect of raising prices and/or diminishing the level of service for those who are legitimately in need of such service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thethunder View Post
    I am asking HOW to cover up spill damage so that it is undetectable to a technician...
    What you asking for is still fraud.

    So it appears that we are done here, with the answers given.
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