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    keyboard key broke off (like literally broken off) does apple warranty cover repair?
    i pressed my f12 key today - and then it broke off .. f12 key broke off like literally - not the key itself but the weird springy plastic lever thing under the button cap is like cracked... does the warranty cover this?

    i've seen replacement keys sold at this site :

    but 9 usd for a **** key is pretty hefty.. considering it broke off non-intentionally.. and if i have to buy one from here - do u think this is a legit site.. not some scam??

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    Even if Apple accepts to fix it for free it will cost you more in phonecalls, letters and shipping than 9$ for what you need.

    And besides, assuming they accept to fix it, they will take it in for a few days, if not a few weeks.

    Pay 9$ and move on.

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    Those keys are [beep] to install. If you do choose to install the key yourself, use tweasers or something to that effect. The little plastic hinges are really hard to work with.

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    The keyboard is covered by the warranty so getting Apple to fix it, is an option.

    If you contact them then maybe they will send a new one in the post and you can install it yourself.

    I can't image that calling Apple will cost you $9 are phone calls so expensive in America and the shipping costs should be their problem ?

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