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    Question laptop bag for two powerbooks???
    I use two 12"PB - as my computers, sometimes simultaneously!!.

    One problem is finding a laptop bag that will allow me safely carry my two 12" laptops with me, say for extended trips/conferences abroad etc - where I have to fly(ecconomy) and inflight luggage is confined to one item. Anyone do this? Have a solution?

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    get 2 of these
    and any bag you want

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    I have a similar setup. I have a 12" PB and an IBM X31 (which is almost exactly the same size). I walk to work most days and use one 12" Mac Sleeve ( and one Shinza ZeroShock sleeve ( ). I put both of them in a ChromeBags Mini Messenger, which can hold them with a bit to spare. (Ironcially the IBM is in the Apple sleeve and the PB is in the Shinza.)

    That solution when you sum it all up is a little expensive but I can carry both laptops, power, PDA and misc nick nacks comfortably a mile twice a day.

    When I go to clients I either switch to my APC bag which I can not find a link to, or my blackbox bag

    Both the blackbox and the APC case can fit 2 12" laptops but not with much room to spare. I usually only switch to those when I am going to a client or am wearing a suit. Of the two I prefer the blackbox, but I have a reputation for being a little off kilter. Both can pass in a professional environment but the leather APC bag raises less curiosity.

    There are other options, especially when you go into the executive briefcases like this . It just depends on what you like I guess.

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