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    How fast should your Mac be?
    How fast should a mac be? Well I my mac is quite fast, a lot faster than my previous PCs. My major question is how fast is it. Is there a way to check how fast it is and compare with other people?

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    Many people consider Geekbench to be a fairly good "benchmark":
    Primate Labs Geekbench

    Note that as far as Macs go, the specs are fairly limited, so your Mac will be faster than the next model down, and slower than the next model up. It's fairly universal.

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    if u r worried bout how fast it is then:
    52 Ways to Speed Up OS X | Pete White - ImAFish 10.3 Kipper - Blog, Articles, Media, Forum Extra!
    this will help

    often just restartin it helps

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    Whatever your specs say is how fast it is capable of. Speed is also a subjective experience - what's fast for me may not be fast for you.

    You could also try Xbench and compare your results with others here. Don't take the results too seriously though as there are many factors that can improve/hinder "speed".
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