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    Talking First Post from the new iBook!
    Hey guys, my new iBook arrived safely today from its trip from Utah (

    Everything looks great. OSX 10.2 was EASY to set up, and I just plugged in the ethernet cable and BAM! i was on. I LOVE IT! SO EASY!

    Anyways, I have a few questions.

    1.) How often do the logic boards fail? Do we have a percentage so far? Apple has that one FAQ page that has info on them replacing logic boards. Why do people complain? I thought apple would do it for free?

    2.) what is safari, and how do i get it?

    and darn, this 128 mb of ram is slowwwww. I definitely am ordering the 512 stick soon. the gain better be exponential!!

    Otherwise, DVD player is smooth. 10.2 is MUCH smoother than i remember 10.1 being too!

    Thanks guys!

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    Safari is the OS X browser

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    it is? was it introduced in 10.3? I have 10.2, and im still using MS internet explorer?

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    I don't think Safari shipped with 10.2

    Get it here:

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    Also guys...where can i find my serial number? is it on the iBook somewhere?

    i want to know if my iBook will fall under the logic board recall. i have this gut feeling something bad will happen.

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    Click on the Apple in the menu bar, click "About This Mac", click "More Info", then look for "Serial Number:"

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    to find the number go to Apple>About this mac>more info. It should be on the first page that come up after the more info button. What are the specs on you G3?

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    I found my SN, thanks guys.

    I have a 700 mhz combo drive iBook. 20gb hdd. currently only 128 mb ram (which OSX is slooooow on). I plan to drop in that 512 stick next week when i get paid, ha!

    And it looks like i fall into that replacement program for the logic board. my SN is DEAD in the middle.

    im so scared. i wouldnt know what to do if it happened to me. I mean, i only paid 550 for this iBook, and i heard repairs and a new logic board are super costly!

    btw, safari is 10x better than explorer!

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    My logic board went out about 6 months after I got my used G3. I called Apple and they took care of it so fast. I sent it off on Wednesday and got it back Friday good as new. Never cost me a dime since it fell under the repair program.

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