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    Charger light flashing
    Alright so i'm really hoping you guys can help me, i don't think i've ever been let down here before.

    I'm on my second charger for my macbook already because the first one broke due to "cable stress" from the cord being bent to often or something. This second one, i've had for about 3 months now and all of the sudden the green light on the charger is flashing. Not only that, but it's not actually charging my macbook. My macbook was dead so the battery is stuck on 0%, and just keeps flickering from "AC power" to "Battery power". As i speak i am getting repeated messages about my critical battery level. Even when the computer is off and i have the AC adapter hooked up, the light will flash. It's like it's connecting and disconnecting from my computer rapidly. I tried restarting, and doing this PMU reset i saw suggested somewhere but nothing happened.

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    Feb 24, 2008
    Well since this made it all the way to the second page with 37 views and no replies, i guess i'll just try to get a new charger?

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