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    If it was a demo in the store who knows what some people do to them. I was in the local Apple store and a woman picked up an ipod photo and froze is some how, i have no idea how, then she walked past an ibook and it kernal Panicted. Talk about bad luck with technology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amartins02
    Everytime I start my iBook the date on ical is july 17 and only when I open it and close it does it change to todays date. Any idea why?
    I think that is the date the laptop was assembled or the program was installed. To change the date to have the current date up, just set iCalendar to startup when your OS starts up. Basically make it a start-up program and everytime your computer turns on, it will say the correct date and leave it running in the background, no big deal!

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