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Thread: Saw the iBook now I am sad :(

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    The only thing that really used to get me was when a website was loading slower than usual that ugly black with multi-colored dots would show up where a picture would be loading! But it hardly ever does that anymore..

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    I recently wanted to consolidate my 2 laptops and 2 PCs into one laptop. I picked up a refurb g3/900 ibook a bit over a year ago, and recently had the logic board failure that plagues the g3 ibooks. I wanted my mac back, and decided to consolidate onto a 1.2ghz iBook g4 12" 1.25 gig RAM. That's what I'm using right now.

    My old main desktop was an AMD Athlon 64 3500, 2 gig RAM, 120gig eide, 18.3 gig SCSI 15k, FX5900 video. A very fast machine.

    So far, my main desktop is gone. I'm cannibalizing the 120 gig HDD, and have my DVD+/-RW in an external enclosure already (burnt my movies to DVDs).

    I'm not going to lie and say the ibook is in the same leauge as the PC I had, but it's no slouch. I think the main thing that causes the small pause in startup on apps you mention is the speed of the hard disk on iBooks - and indeed most laptops. Most of them have 4200 RPM drives, compared to 7200 RPM drives that are standard on most desktop PCs. Getting a PC laptop you'd be in the same situation. I have 2 PC laptops, one is my own the other is a company laptop, and they are no faster than my iBook as far as I can tell.

    So far I've been able to watch a Realplayer movie, expand a 2 gig file with stuffit, browse the web and run xchat simultaneously with no problematic slowdown. In fact, while not faster than my desktop, it is somewhat smoother - ie, i dont have one app that suddenly hogs the whole machine, everything slows down fairly evenly if the ibook doesnt have enough power for it all.

    This is a considerable step up compared to my g3/900. The 900 was ok, but i considered it too slow for this 'typical' multitasking senario. The new iBooks handle it just fine.

    I'm also running it on a 17" LCD at 1280x1024 with screen spanning doctor. I got the 12" because I want to take it with me on motorcycle trips, where size and weight are a priority.


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    Maybe it was just the connection? Edited to add maybe not. I didn't read about Icons coming up slow.

    I've had my iBook for two weeks now and love it. It's my first and I already know I'll never own a PC again. You'll love it if you get it

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    I would go for the 1.33 14" version. Its the one i got and I love it. I have a few friends with a 12 and they wish the got mine after they use it. The 12 is okay if you have another Mac to use, but as your only computer it gets old fast.

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    Why do you say that? I have a 12 and I love it. I also have a 15" HP laptop and a Dell desktop. Since I got the iBook, I only use the iBook, except for burning DVDs on the desktop.

    Quote Originally Posted by Acill
    I would go for the 1.33 14" version. Its the one i got and I love it. I have a few friends with a 12 and they wish the got mine after they use it. The 12 is okay if you have another Mac to use, but as your only computer it gets old fast.

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    Sorry for not replying right away. Had some bad weather up here in Boston and I didn't get back until 11. Well, then after that I was installing apps on my new IBOOK 12 IN, YEA BABY. Ok so I opted for the 12 in because they had a "refreshed" unit which they use to take the negative image off of refurbished. Anyways, I paid 900, which was cheaper than my student discount, with tax it was like 945. Then on the way home I stopped at Best Buy cause I figured I am at least gonna put an extra 256 of ram in it. So I got some Kingston ram, 512, after rebates for 64 dollars. Great deal. So for about 1010.00 dollars I got a 12 in iBook with 768 mb of ram. Not to bad. Iwould have paid around 1400 or more for the 14 inch and you know students dont have money. So far I am loving this thing. Thanks to all of you who made me feel better about this and encouraged me to buy it. I just can't say enough about it.
    So I put Adium X, Office 2004, Camino, Quicksilver, and I think thats it for now. I am having a problem with entourage accepting my hotmail password. Any ideas? Don't know what else to put on this, suggestions guys?
    Also, seems to me that the way mac installs software is it is downloaded in a form of a disk image right? It kind of loads as another drive and when you finish installing it then you drag it to the trash and the trash turns it into an eject symbol which unmounts that image? And is there an easier way to unmount it instead of dragging it over like a key command? Do I always have to drag the app into the apps folder? Because if I don't have it open then I have to use quicksilver search for apps folder open it then drag it in. Any easier way? Can you guys let me know how you have yours set up in that is the easiest in you opinion? Also doesn't quicksilver have a type of dock? I just have an icon in the dock at the bottom. Sorry for all the questions. here are some pics.


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    You dont always have to drag the app to the applications folder. Its just an ideal palce to store all your applicatios. You can drag it out of the disk image and store the application on ur desktop if you wanted. (i dont see why you would want that). And yes, the only way to delete something is dragging it to the trash. When i switched i found that quite annoying. Makes it even more annoying with 2 delete buttons.. lol. And quicksilver doesnt have a dock. Its just a icon in teh dock that launches a program (after two clicks) in which you can search for programs. Or atleast thats all i know...

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    There are 3 ways I can think of to eject a disk image not counting dragging to the trash:
    1) You can eject an image from finder, by default it shows all mounted images.
    2) Right click on the mounted image and choose eject
    3) Click on the mounted image and use <CMD>e

    For deleting things <cmd><delete> works the same as dragging to the trash.

    With the default install of QS it can be launched either using <ctrl><Space> or tapping <ctrl>. Then you just start typing in what you are looking for.

    A couple of suggetions for QS. First check the catalog and see what and where it is looking for things, I like to narrow the default scope. Next look for plug-ins you want. I have added the iTines, iPhoto, Address Book, and Adium modules for instance. Finally check out triggers. I have quite a few <ctrl><cmd><key> triggers. I use <ctrl><cmd>c to launch camino, <ctrl><cmd>a for adium, <ctrl><cmd><space>to open just my music lirary in QS, <ctrl><cmd>x to empty trash (via applescript), etc....

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    So what exactly do the plugins do if you already have them in your dock?

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    Plug-ins have nothing to do with the dock. What plug-ins allow you to do is interact with an application from QS. EDIT: I actually have QS hidden from the Dock and the menubar. I start it on load and always have it running so there is no point to me to have it on the Dock.

    Take iTunes as an example. With the iTunes plug-in installed and the index built, tap ctrl to bring up QS. Type "bro" (sans quotes) and you will see a series of ways to browse your iTunes Library. Select "Browse Artists" using the up and down arrows then hit the right arrow and you are presented with a list of artists. Choose an artist then right arrow again. Choose an album, hit enter, and the album will start playing. If you sort by playlists you could open QS, start typing in the name of the Playlist, then hit enter once it comes up to play that list.

    Similar things can be done with iPhoto, Address book, email, etc... Another quick example would be to select iPhoto, browse to a picture, hit tab, type "sen" for send to, hit tab again, type "Mic" to pull up my contact info from the address book, then hit enter and the selected photo would be sent to me without having to do anything else.

    Those are examples of using plugins. For simple use similar to what you would use the Dock for just tap <ctrl> to bring up QS. Then type the beginning of the name of the app or document you want, enter to launch, <ctrl><shift>r to open the folder it is in, <tab> for other options. I rarely use the dock anymore, mostly it is either QS or Finder as appropriate.

    The more you use QS the more you learn about how to use it and the more useful it becomes.

    EDIT2: Another way to eject. Open QS, start typing in the name of the volume, <tab>, "e" (for eject), enter. Clicking then <Alt>e seems easier but it is another option.

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    Everytime I start my iBook the date on ical is july 17 and only when I open it and close it does it change to todays date. Any idea why?

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    one of the coolest features of windows not present in Mac OS is the way the graphics for stuff like notepad are preloaded. 0 lag, just pops up straight away. even the 1 second wait for textedit is annoying sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by amartins02
    Everytime I start my iBook the date on ical is july 17 and only when I open it and close it does it change to todays date. Any idea why?
    That's just the way it is right out of the box. There is no way to change it that I know of either.


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    i have the ibook and am happy with it but....
    I do agree that my initial hesitation to get the ibook was based on the fact it is slower than what i am used to when using a p4 based machine. The initial sluggishness I felt was caused by the ram which i then upgraded to a total of 768mb, and guess what? not much of a difference at all. but now that i primarily use my mac as my personal computer, i have gotten used to it and the lag time is really only a few seconds. however, i do find the perks of using a mac outweigh the slight sluggishness of the ibook. Interesting tidbit though, i have used a powerbook 12 inch with stock 256 mb ram and it did seem to be a bit faster than my loaded ibook. food for thought but trust me, get a mac, BE DIFFERENT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Computer.Geek
    Interesting tidbit though, i have used a powerbook 12 inch with stock 256 mb ram and it did seem to be a bit faster than my loaded ibook. food for thought but trust me, get a mac, BE DIFFERENT.
    PowerBooks have a faster bus speed. iBooks are a 133 bus and PowerBooks are a 167 bus, also PBs have slightly faster procs. Therefore, a stock PB will be somewhat faster than a loaded iBook.
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