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    macbook pro nvidia 9600 video out limited on levels of black
    I have compared the picture quality of my 2008 macbook pro (nvidia 9600gt) with my windows desktop (nvidia 8600GT) using the same monitor (Cinema HD 30"), notebook being connected via mini display port to dual-link DVI adapter, desktop via standard DVI cable.
    Macbook picture comes inferior in display of dark shades, to the point that I have several photos taken with Nikon DSLRs I use, where in Windows I am able to see large parts of the image (shade area), and in Macbook they are completely blacked out.
    I must say that monitor is properly calibrated for both computers using x-rite colormunki spectrophotometer.
    The online test at homepage (with pages displaying various black levels nearing to complete 255 black) - also justifies my observation that macbook video just cuts the dark grey shades and makes them black, whereas windows video displays more of the dynamic range.
    I have also looked at my iMac computer (2.8 Ghz, 24", with ati video card) and it seems to display a similar limitation.
    That presents a serious handicap to photographers like me using macbook pro computers.
    Does anyone have a clue to the issue? Can anyone test their picture using that page at lagom,
    and report here as to what level of dark grey is still decernible of their monitor? (page is Black level - Lagom LCD test or use any other similar test)

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    Jun 16, 2009
    I must make an important clarification - I used Adobe Lightroom 2.3 for viewing the photos, and observed the black levels cutting effect there. same photo opened in Photoshop cs4 displays perfectly visible levels of dark grey. So I guess this is not a hardware issue related to nvidia chip.
    Apple preview (available by pressing space bar on a selected photo-file) does show black level clipping just like Lightroom.

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