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    Feb 09, 2005
    Have iBook, G4 cube??
    I jsut bought an iBook couple of weeks ago.

    I was wondering how much do you think I'd get a G4 cube for??

    Would I have a hope with 300euro???

    Im broke after buying the iBook! and iPod :headphone

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    What do you want a cube for? They are still fairly expensive as they are almost a kind of collectors item now...

    Save up until you have 499,- and get a Mac Mini... better bargain IMO since the processor is much faster than the cube's...

    What do you need a desktop mac for anyway? You can always just hook up your iBook to an external monitor, mouse and keyboard if you want a home setup...

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    He's right, don't get a cube..but actually is there anything the mini can do that the iBook can't?

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    I'm not real sure why you'd want a cube. I just bought a 1.2Ghz iBook, an external USB 2.0 drive enclosure to put my PCs 120GB HDD into, and ordered an iBook bookend docking station. I'm trying to consolidate having 2 PCs and one PC laptop into one iBook that I can just dock / undock and keep everything on. It's a replacement for my old iBook g3/900.

    If you want a desktop PC, the iBook can be used for that, and the parts will cost a fair bit less than a cube. All I need now is to pop a 1GB SODIMM in and I should be set. Total cost for all this stuff, iBook, RAM, dock station, HDD enclosure is just under $1500.

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