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    10.3.8 and Powerbook
    has anybody else noticed their Powerbooks running hotter than before the 10.3.8 update? i called apple b/c my fan kept on turning on(it would NEVER turn on before the update) and they said the update included power management updates which would in turn affect how often and when my fan turned on. just wondering if anybody else is having the same "problem". this only happens when my processor speed is set to HIGHEST which is what i have it set to when it's plugged into the adapter.

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    Mine seems to run fine heat-wise, although if I log out of the laptop then put it to sleep, when I wake it back up everything freezes right after logging in.

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    When I went from 10.2 to 10.3, I noticed an increase in fan operation. Supposedly, they made the change because of all the complaints Apple had recieved about heat with 12" models like mine. So Apple does do this, from time to time. It may be that this update changed things for your particular PowerBook model.

    It took a little getting used to, but I don't notice it so much any more.

    Incidentally, 10.3.8 seems very stable for me. I'm quite happy; I have perfect uptime since the day I installed it.

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    Whats so good about the 10.3.8 update - what changes have been made compared to 5. I installed the new version but would like to know the differences if possible?

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