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    DJing with my powerbook, need help!!! PLEASE!
    i got a Powerbook 12inch and ive been commissioned to DJ a school dance. Well i dont have turntables but i got a great computer.

    So i was wondering if theres any good software out there for DJing on mac thats free other than itunes.

    oh yes,
    how do i connect my Powerbook to monster stereo speakers, i assume they will use RCA cable connections,


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    I deleted your other post, we don't allow double posting

    search versiontracker for dj software I am sure they will have something

    If the speakers are RCA you will need an RCA -> 1/8" converter
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    you wanna get a program called Tracker i believe...its the same software used for final scratch. its got alllll the features you can scratch mp3's use effects, loops, its got your normal mixer and it also has a beat matcher that is actually pretty good...and levels and cut offs too for bass mids and highs..i def. suggest this app

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    can you post a link for it, im having trouble

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    on the left hand side there is a link for the demo version of it...if you wanna buy it you can go to the bottom left and download the full version after purchase

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