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    Question New Mac Pro 13" Hard Drive
    Could anyone please answer this query:

    I going to buy the new MacPro 13" and immediately change the hard drive.

    I found this on the net:

    160GB serial ATA hard drive running at 5400 rpm, with Sudden Motion Sensor;

    Does anyone know if the 'sudden motion sensor' is built in the Mac or in the drive itself.

    So, would it be best to buy a drive with or without the 'free fall sensor'.

    Thanks for your help,


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    From what I understand the mac has it's own motion sensor. Some HDD have the free fall sensor that locks up when it senses that it's falling.

    It might be the difference between recovering some data to none at all.

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    Jun 14, 2009
    Hi CrimsonRequiem,

    Yes it's true that the mac has it's own motion sensor, but have they changed the design for the Macbook pro 13" 2009 model, and only put it in the hard drive (I suppose it would save costs).

    I spoke to Apple Tech support today and they told me to speak to engineering: a apple repair center in my city. He wasn't any use at all.
    I wasted 30 min on the phone for someone to say "I'm not sure".

    Anyway, I hope you can help

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