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    What dya think of this PB offer?
    Hi guys,

    I was going to get an ibook, but decided to settle on a PB due to better spec for multimedia purposes (audio and video).

    The company I work for have a PB (M9227) in stock, which our customer cancelled last minute. As a favour our sales director offered me this machine for 975 inc VAT. It is brand new and in the warehouse untouched.

    This is what I know of the spec:
    15" screen
    BT/Airport Extreme
    80Gb HD
    512Mb RAM

    This got to us in January. Thing is how current is the spec in comparison to the current models. I know the current 15" superdrive version comes with a 1.6 Ghz processor - is this the only difference between my model and the new version or are there more differences?

    Is my one BT 2.0 compliant?

    Am I getting a good deal?


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    looks like that model number is for Mac OS X version 10.3 "Panther" not the machine itself. You should be looking for something like: M9676LL/A
    or M9677LL/A...

    the newer 15" (1.5/ 1.67GHz) are bluetooth2.0.

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    Hiya, I mixed up the apple code. Anyway this is the system I might be getting:
    How much slower is it to the new macs in performace and is it worth the price I'm paying for it?

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    well, I doubt you'll notice the difference between 1.5GHz and 1.67GHz. However, you will notice the difference between bluetooth 1 and 2. The one you linked to is BT1, which makes me think that its the pre-scrolling trackpad/ pre-sudden motion sensor model as well.

    That said, my coworker has that exact machine and loves it. I recently opted to purchase a 1.5GHz (scrolling trackpad, SMS) model because the 1.67's pushed the prices down to for $1799 USD (apple edu discount).

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