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Thread: iBook broken?

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    iBook broken?
    My friend has a G3 iBook and has had it for a while. She was listening to some music and then decided to play a DVD. When she put the DVD in, it wouldn't play, then it wouldn't eject either. So she shut down the computer and it seemed to hang on the shutdown screen. She left it alone for a little bit and then it had turned off and now it won't respond when pressing the power button and won't boot back up (when plugged in of course).

    Her serial number seems to be under Apple's logic board issue batch, but the computer is custom painted, so I'm not sure if it disqualifies it from repair ( - even if it is a Kill Bill custom)

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    I'f you had to open the computer up from the inside to paint it, it's most likely disqualified but her logic board probably is screwed up (unless the DVD is stuck in there and her computer is schitzo) Bring it into an Apple store and ask them what they think..Or buy a whole new iBook case (cheaper than buying a whole new logic board I think) and act like you never changed the case lol

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    Well, it's the iBook pictured midway down this page

    I was kind of wondering if you didn't mention it, would they accept the return and repair it anyway? It worked fine after I painted it and that was at least six months ago.

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    Looks very creative.

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    I understand your pain..but Apple isn't gonna care (even if it didn't affect it, and they know it didn't) But I can't be sure..I know changing the color of the apple (on front of notebook) voids some sort of warranty. I mean it's worth a shot cause I'm not good with warranties and I could be wrong. The navy blue fading into black is awesomee! :cool: You do nice jobs! Is the paint able to be peeled or able to come off (i.e some sort of paint thinner) but that's only if they wont accept it the way it is

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