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    Aluminum MacBook Problems Detecting HDTV through HDMI
    I am having problems with my Unibody Macbook Pro detecting my HDTV. The screen on the MBP flashes blue then back to normal, same as when I connect it to my external VGA monitor.
    I have already tested the Mini Display Port to VGA to my external monitor, the MacBook screen flashes blue once then back to normal. This seems to be the indicator that the MacBook detects the external display as it works perfectly with the VGA display.
    I have the proper connecting cables running from the Macbook's Mini Display Port to VGA and a VGA to HDMI cable that goes into the HDMI-In of the HDTV. Everytime I connect the cable back into the Macbook, the screen flashes blue once, then returns to normal, but does not Detect The Display in System Preferences - Displays....
    Any Ideas?


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    Wow, 46 views and no replies? I guess I'm S.O.L.

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    You can't go from VGA to HDMI without a converter.
    VGA carries an analog signal. HDMI carries a digital signal.
    If you've purchased a VGA to HDMI cable somewhere, my best guess is that it is not going to work. Most of the VGA to HDMI converter boxes start at about $200 and go up from there. (Yes, there are converters in the $50 range. You don't even want to go there if you want a good chance of success and/or want to be able to use HD resolutions on your TV.)

    Apple does make a mini-display port to VGA adapter. But it is a shot in the dark as to whether it will work with your TV. Just check the reviews on it at Apple's site. Read the 'Please Note:' section on this page. This is what is happening with the Apple adapter also.

    If you want to use your mini-display port to HDMI, you'll need either:
    a mini-display to DVI-I or DVI-D adapter and a DVI to HDMI cable or
    a mini-display port to HDMI adapter and a HDMI cable.
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    MiniDisplay Port To TV
    Thank You for your response.
    I purchased the Apple MiniDisplay Port to VGA adapter which works perfectly with my old PC monitor..
    I now know that the analog signal wont convert to digital w/o the converter you mentioned.
    If I don't need HD quality, (just want to connect as an external monitor) Can I go MiniDisplay Port to VGA > VGA to RCA VGA to S-Video 3 RCA TV Adapter Converter cable - eBay (item 230343762995 end time Jun-16-09 16:24:49 PDT), Red, White) > TV Input?
    If so, will there be sound to the TV or will I definitely need a 3.5 mm audio to RCA L & R (Red/White) Cable as well?


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